Important Notice

            15 May 2020

Dear Member,
The committee met on 15 May 2020 to discuss the re-opening of the club. This is now permitted under government guidelines. The decision was that the club premises should now be reopened to enable members to come in and work on their boats and boats can now be launched. Day launchers who are club members can launch their boats. It has been decided that non-members will not be allowed to launch their boats from the club premises for the time being.
Provisions have been put into place to ensure the safety of members.
All members should observe the social distancing guidelines at all times in the club premises.
Only club members and members of their household should come onto the club premises. Members should not bring friends or guests with them either onto the club premises or to go onto their boats.
Any member, or his family member, who contracts Covid-19 should not come to the club premises for 14 days. If anyone develops symptoms of the illness the member should likewise stay away for 14 days. In either case the member should contact one of the committee members to let them know so that other people with whom the member has come into contact can be notified.
We considered whether to close down the clubhouse entirely but decided against this. Instead the clubhouse will be open to allow access to the locker room, kitchen, and toilet. The front room has been closed.
 Only one member at a time will be allowed into the clubhouse. Disinfectants for cleaning purposes and antiseptic hand wipes will be provided as will soap and water. Members should wash their hands frequently in accordance with government guidance. Members should keep the facilities clean and disinfect surfaces after they have been used.
We have taken the microwave, fridge, and all the mugs out of the kitchen. All that will be left in there will be a kettle for members to use. Members should bring their own cups with them together with any drinks they wish to have. None these items should be left in the kitchen and surfaces should be disinfected after they have been used.
Members of the public will use the footpath in front of the club and care should be taken to observe social distancing guidelines with people using the footpath.
Members who go out to sea should be aware that it is likely that there will be fewer boats out at sea than usual. It might not be easy to get someone to tow you back in if you break down. Whilst the emergency services are still operating no one would want to put them at risk by having to call the lifeboat out. It is only common sense that members should not go to sea unless they are confident that their boat is seaworthy and that preferably they have a second means of propulsion should the main engine fail.
These provisions have been brought in to ensure the safety of members and members of the public. If any member breaches these provisions the committee has decided that their membership will be terminated. This is the only way to ensure the safety of other members.
If the premises, and in particular the toilet and kitchen, are not kept clean and tidy by those using them then it is likely that the clubhouse will have to be closed.
The good news is that in view of the unusual circumstances this year the committee has decided that it will not charge membership fees or storage fees for this year. The club is financially able to do this. If that situation changes in it might have to be looked at again.
Any member who launches a boat will have to pay harbour dues. No boat will be launched unless the harbour dues have been paid. There are some boats already on the water. Those members should arrange to pay their harbour dues to the Treasurer by the end of this month. We will write to those members separately.
If anyone has any queries about any of these matters please contact a committee member. Otherwise enjoy the boating and keep safe.
Yours sincerely,

Barry Row
On behalf of the committee
Amble Boat Club.




Please note that you will now have to provide proof of third party insurance before launching your boat from Amble Boat Club premises.


By order of the Amble Boat Club Committee.



8TH July 2017

Please note that on the above date only, the launch fee for day launchers who are non-members will be £5 only and all proceeds will be donated to St Oswald’s Hospice.
Priority for launching on that date will be given to members of Amble Boat Club, but we will accommodate casual day launchers as best we can.

The Committee
Amble Boat Club





Would all members please note that for minimum safety requirements the committee would recomend that all boats have the following equipment on board at all times

Working VHF Radio

In-date flares

Suitable anchor and chain or rope

Lifejackets for everyone on board



As some of you may be aware there has been a couple of thefts of outboard motor off the back of boats on the club moorings, it is advised by Northumbria Police that you keep your outboards chained and secured if possible also keep a record of the serial numbers, model numbers and any other information you can find on your equipment that you keep on board your boat.

If you see someone behaving suspiciously about the Boat club or boats on the water then contact the local police. their address is :-

Leslie Drive
NE65 0PX

Telephone: 03456 043 043

Amble Boat club is in no way responsible for the security of your boat and equipment.









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