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May 2011

Due the current shortage of mooring positions on the river Amble boat club is not accepting new members other than those requiring day launch. However if you still wish to apply for membership please fill in the form and any applicants will be put onto a priority list and be given membership when moorings become available.


Online Application Form

*First Name
*Last Name
*Post Code
*Telephone Number
Mobile Number
*Email Address

Have you been a member of Amble Boat Club before?
If yes please state when and for how long
What type of membership did you hold?
Name of Boat (if any) when you last held membership

Have you been a member of any other boat club before?
If yes please give details and reason for leaving

Do you know any members of Amble Boat Club. Please give details
Please give the names of two people who can be contacted for references



Tel. No.



Tel No.

Details of present Boat:
Boat name
*Boat Length
*Boat Beam
*Approximate Weight
*Hull Type
Material of Manufacture (wood/steel/GRP)
Will you be requiring a mooring? (There is a one off payment for mooring chains)
Please provide a picture of the boat (under 100k)

Details and references may be checked prior to membership being processed.

You will be contacted if your application is approved.

The following membership clauses must be read, understood and confirmed.

I will ensure that my boat will be insured whilst in use (the minimum requirement being Third Party) and I will provide proof of insurance to the treasurer upon becoming a member.
I will ensure that my boat will carry the laid down minimum safety equipment as directed by the committee (club rules) and agree that I will be subject to random inspections of equipment if requested by a member of Amble Boat Club Committee.
I am aware that any mooring allocated to my boat will at all times remain the property of Amble Boat Club and in the event of me selling or disposing of the boat, the mooring cannot be offered for sale or transfer.
Use of Boat
I will not allow my boat to be used by a non-member. (Any person using the boat must be a full member of Amble Boat Club.)

The Committee reserve the right to refuse membership without giving grounds or reasons for such a refusal. Memberships are considered at committee meetings held on the last Monday of the month. The club year runs from April to April and any fees paid for membership, no matter what time of year, cover only that period.

Please check box to indicate you understand and agree with the above statements and that the information provided is correct.
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